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 As Your Storage Needs Grow, POSM Grows With You 

When POSM Workstation will no longer cut it, we offer a fantastic upgrade.

If you find yourself frustrated with the limitations of POSM Workstation, it's time to go bigger.

POSM Storage fulfills the promise of Workstation with a huge leap in functionality. Storage features and limitations:

  • Supports unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Saves unlimited sessions on a Microsoft Access Database.
  • Not compatible with automatic GIS synchronization.
  • Easy, conveniently upgradable at any time.
  • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

NOTE: Databases larger than 5,000 sessions will result in significant computer slow-down. At that point, we recommend you migrate to POSM SQL or POSM GIS to maintain maximum speed and efficiency.

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