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Rackmount Computer $4500

Includes three-year on-site warranty. 32 GB RAM. Windows 10 Pro 64 bit (11 Pro Upon Request). 24X SATA DVDRW disc drive. 2.4 Ghz WiFi adapter.

Size: 4U. 18"x17"x7". Shipment weight: 40 pounds.

See full specs and find out more about our Rackmounts here: Rackmount.

1 Year POSM Professional Support 1st System

Sensoray USB Video Encoder and Cables $750

The POSM Sensoray USB Video Encoder is a necessary component for digitizing video inspections. Unlike off-the-shelf consumer models, this "industrial strength" POSM encoder is built to withstand the extreme temps of heat and cold. Tough and compact with low power consumption, the POSM USB Video Encoder is well worth the investment.

Find out more about the USB Video Encoder in our article: POSM's Got Em: USB Video Encoders.

1 Year POSM Professional Support 1st System

XBOB-4 Overlay and Cables $750

The XBOB-4 video overlay unit is a long-standing standard of the industry. It’s high density display and pre-set of black letters against white means the text is always easy to read. The box from Decade Engineering is pro-grade and the only model we’ll sell. Its plastic outer casing is surprisingly durable to withstand the rigors of our industry.

Find out more about the XBOB-4 in our article: POSM's Got Em: XBOB-4 Video Overlay.

USB to RS232 Serial Adapter Plus Cable $50

We recommend this USB to serial adapter over other options because other USB to serial adapters sometimes change the com port on which they operate. This forces you to go back into POSM preferences and update the overlay. Our device stays locked onto a single com port, giving you the reliability of a built-in serial port, even if you unplug the cable and swap USB ports.

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