POSM Software Update: Remote Support Launch Button

When it comes to software apps, sometimes the little tweaks can make your job a whole lot easier. With that in mind, we at POSM Software made a little tweak to our interface that we know will make our user-friendly interface even friendlier. We simply added one little clickable support button to the main menu interface. It’s that new button in the image below, right above the blue Session Management button, the one labeled Remote Support.

POSM with New Remote Support Buttonj
The new Remote Support button is just above the blue Session Management button

That’s right, the next time you need assistance from someone on our expert Tech Support team, you can insert yourself directly into the remote support queue simply by clicking on the Remote Support button from the main POSM Software menu. You no longer need to search for the Support app icon on your desktop, nor do you need to go to our website to launch a new session. (You still can, but you don’t need to.)

The Remote Support Button isn’t a major change, but it will make contacting tech support more convenient and simple. The quicker you can fix your issue and get back to your inspection, the better for you and the better for us.

The Remote Support Button...will make contacting tech support a bit more convenient and simple.

If you are a customer with current tech support, simply click here to launch a new remote session (yes, you will have to enter the queue the “old” way one last time) and we’ll set you up with the update in minutes.

If your annual tech support subscription needs to be renewed, we’ll be happy to take care of that for you before we help you download the update. Either way, the "Most Robust, User Friendly Inspection Software to Come Down the Pipe" just got a little more robust and user friendly..

To start your download, click this link to get connected to our awesome tech support.

If you are unfamiliar with POSM Software and want to try our fully unlocked trial software for 60 days at no obligation, click this link to talk to our tech support and get started.