POSM Software Smoke Test Template


If your company occasionally or regularly performs a Smoke Test, you should know that POSM Software has a customized template to help with that. Welcome to the latest article in our “Yes, POSM does that” series, where we discuss some of the less-obvious features.


What is a smoke test? According to the City of Berkley, “Smoke testing is the industry standard and an efficient, cost effective way to locate and identify leaks and the source of storm water infiltration problems in the sanitary sewer system.” Your pipeline inspection company may have to occasionally (or even frequently) perform a smoke test to locate tough-to-find leaks and storm water exfiltration points, POSM has you covered, complete with a template specially created to assist with the task.


As the name implies, a smoke test is an option when you suspect problems in the pipeline where other methods are either not an option or have failed to pinpoint the issue. Smoke Tests are also a good option when a system’s sewage system has been overwhelmed by storm water (flooding) and you want to minimize the chance of causing further damage.


A smoke test, put simply, is performed by first isolating a pipe segment (typically by blocking off a pair of manholes), then blowing non-toxic smoke into the isolated segment and waiting to see if smoke rises up from the ground. This “smoke signal” can help a repair crew pinpoint a leak in the pipeline and determine next steps to plan the repair.


The smoke test template is a handy tool accessible through POSM Pro, vCam, and Portable Software packages, and can be customized for your specific needs.


If your company performs Smoke Tests, you’re not particularly happy with your current inspection software, or you just want to learn a bit more about our features and benefits, click here to contact a member of our industry-leading tech support.


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