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Subsite Electronics West Coast Rep Sheldon Teeples shared his thoughts on how POSM Software is easy to use, and how this ease of use helps him sell equipment and makes training sessions easier. You can read our detailed profile on Sheldon by clicking here.

Sheldon also relayed a particularly memorable interaction with one of his municipality clients, a story we felt warranted special attention.

Sheldon explained that this municipality was a long-term client, and that, historically, they had not been using POSM. Sheldon himself had trained them on their previously chosen software (whose brand we will not reveal because we’re classy that way). “I told them bluntly, ‘every time you run this, you’re going to feel like an idiot. It’s designed for operators with a deep knowledge of computer programming.’”

Five years passed; during that time, the city had not requested followup training. Those with experience within the company moved up, and the municipality attempted to push on by training new workers internally. “The problem was, their knowledge had just dwindled off.”

The issue of the eroded knowledge base snowballed over the next five years, until the day Sheldon received a panicked call from his client. They had five inspections backed up, and they needed his help to get back on schedule. “I said sure, no problem.”

When he arrived, Sheldon recalled the following exchange:

“I asked, ‘Where’s your report?’
‘Well...we didn’t really make a report.’
‘Okay, where’s your videos?’
‘We really didn’t make a video.’
‘Did you take any pictures?’
‘No, we didn’t do that.’
‘Well then, you’re really screwed. You have nothing to present except your word.’"

Shedon then demonstrated the user-friendly, “idiot-proof” features of POSM Software. Specifically, that once a technician begins an inspection, POSM automatically:

  • Screen-grabs an inspection photo of every observation.
  • Records video.
  • With every observation entered, saves a ten second video clip and photo.

From the strength of the demonstration, the company converted to POSM Software. Sheldon also sold them a brand-new camera truck.

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Using POSM Software, the municipality caught up on its back-log of inspections, and did so much faster, easier and more thorough than they imagined possible. Weeks later, Sheldon supervised their training on POSM Software.

That training session took place seven years ago, and “they can still run POSM as well as I can!”

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Using POSM Software, the municipality caught up on its back-log of inspections, and did so much faster, easier and more thorough than they imagined possible.

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Special thanks to Sheldon Teeples for allowing us to do this two-part POSM Spotlight.