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(Sheldon Teeples profile, blog 1 of 2--Part 2 can be read here)

POSM Subsite Dealer Photo Sheldon TeeplesSheldon Teeples is the West Coast Sales Manager for Subsite Electronics. His territory encompasses Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Arizona. His job is to demonstrate and sell Subsite equipment. Officially, Sheldon has no stake in the inspection software his customers choose. Unofficially, however, Sheldon shares strong opinions with his customers about which software he prefers. “I only talk about POSM, I only demonstrate POSM, and where I’m not locked into a contract, I only try to sell POSM.”

First and foremost, “The program [demonstrates] well, and that helps me sell camera trucks.” Sheldon’s responsibilities include training teams on using Subsite sewer cameras, presenting at trade shows, and leading classes on all things involving the cleaning of sewer pipes and storm drains. “In all of my demonstrations, I use POSM software. We’re supposed to be impartial, but I speak frankly about all software and its relative ease of use. For those with general knowledge computer skills, I tell them to stick with POSM. It’s the most user friendly software for those whose primary responsibility is to perform and turn in a great pipe inspection.”

Sheldon explained why the value of POSM Software goes far beyond a great demo. “Sewer technicians are expected to inspect sewer pipes, not to program computers. So the processes POSM automates covers their backs so they can remain focused on doing a great job. (More about this will be discussed in Part 2).”

Sheldon detailed his training method with sewer teams. “I tell them to remember to press the ‘three greens,’ [the three green buttons on POSM Software when starting at the home screen.]” Once a technician begins an inspection, POSM automatically:

  • Screen-grabs an inspection photo every ten seconds.
  • Records video.
  • With every observation entered, saves a ten second video clip and photo.

POSM Software, Sheldon said, makes training simpler. “Often, when I teach software, two days of training are not enough. With POSM, I can train for one day, and by day two, I sit and oversee the technicians while they practice running the program themselves.” He added that POSM Software is easy for technicians to train new technicians, so he rarely needs to schedule refresher courses.

"...stick with POSM. It’s the most user friendly...for those whose primary responsibility is...a great pipe inspection.”

Sheldon believes POSM Software and Subsite Electronics “go hand-in-hand because both companies emphasize ease of use. Subsite equipment is easy to use, easy to master, and easy to fix.”

Subsite Mighty Mini Tractor

POSM Pro is compatible with all Subsite crawlers, including their Mighty Mini Tractor.

Subsite LogoSubsite Electronics manufactures and sells sewer pipeline equipment, tractors, and crawlers. Lean more about Subsite Electronics at

If your inspection software requires your inspection team to spend more time programming computers than inspecting pipes, click here to contact our tech support at POSM Software today and experience an easier, user-friendly alternative. We’ll set you up with a fully unlocked 60-Day Free Trial to experience the POSM Software difference. Give it a try today, and let us know if we have Sheldon Teeples to thank for it.

In part 2: Sheldon tells a great story about how POSM Software helped a client vastly improve its inspection results. Click this link to go directly to it.