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Day to day, the most urgent need of our random customer is to reach out to POSM Software for Tech Support. We have several options to do so. The method for the fastest and most interactive response is to open the POSM app and click the Mobile Session button (or log onto our website, go to the Support tab, and do the same). For support amd less critical issues, you can also connect to POSM with a phone call to our landline by dialing:





Which brings us to our topic. 

When you make a phone call to our business landline, you can access much more than just Tech Support. Let’s look at your options of inquiry. Press:


1 for Tech Support
2 for Sales Support
3 for Spanish Tech Support


From there, tech or sales support can handle several inquiries (If they can’t help you, they can transfer you to other departments that can), including:


  • Invoices (for quotes or to set up payment options).
  • Review options for new customer hardware, software, and tech support quotes.
  • No pressure, informative inquiries regarding hardware, software, and our OwlVision Manhole Camera.
  • Scheduling a demo (on site, at a show, or through a video chat).
  • (Dealers only) Updated brochures and document support.
  • If you ask nicely, we may send you some FREE hats and T-shirts!
  • And we always welcome inquiries from strangers requesting our FREE No Obligation 60-Day Fully Unlocked trial software.



If you ask nicely, we may send you some FREE hats and T-shirts!


So while our tech support app is your best option for urgent on-site issues, we can resolve many office-related matters with a toll free phone call. Non-urgent inquiries can also be sent via email through This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. which is checked every workday.


So whether you call us, email us, or schedule a remote session with our Support team through the app or the website, we invite you to reach out and… Explore the POSM-bilities.


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