POSM Update Enhances Data Entry Screens With Manhole Images

Manhole inspections are a vital part of pipeline maintenance, so POSM Software recently enhanced its NASSCO MACP*-compatible interface with graphic manhole images that better identify the specific parts of manholes. The manhole graphics remove all ambiguity and let the inspector know exactly which part of the manhole is being called out, so we created 16 diagram manhole images to better assist the inspector in measuring the correct parts of the manhole.
*NASSCO: National Association of Sewer Service Companies
MACP: Manhole Assessment Certification Program

POSM MACPNew graphic elements better identify manhole parts.

This graphic interface tweak will help:

  • Streamline and clarify which elements of the manhole are measured.
  • Link the observation fields directly with its visual, removing all ambiguity.
  • Make the process less confusing for the occasional manhole inspector.

While the interface has changed, the manhole data entry screens remain 100% NASSCO MACP-Certified.

As any inspector can tell you, manholes are much more complicated than a capped street level access point. Manholes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. On average, a manhole is made up of over 150 parts. That’s a lot of potential weak spots to inspect and ensure that the manhole has kept its integrity (or perhaps to confirm that it hasn’t).

Our new graphic manhole images interface should make the process much easier and faster than the previous version. In the event a specific part needs to be replaced, the manhole images can help make this more clear and help you identify the part.

Our new graphic interface should make the process easier and faster.

The manhole images data entry app is included with our Pro and Portable software products. Here are the options available to you now to obtain a software upgrade.

If your company already owns the Pro or Portable versions of the software, you can request a FREE update from our tech support at your first convenience.

If you own a different version of POSM Software but think your company could benefit from this functionality, our tech support can help make that happen. You will owe the difference between the software you already own and the upgrade to Pro or Portable.

If you’ve never used POSM Software but think it might be right for you, our tech support can help you download our TOTALLY UNLOCKED 60-day trial software. Afterwards, we’ll advise you on which software packages are the best fit for your inspection and video archiving needs.

Whichever situation best applies, it all starts with clicking here to contact our tech support.

This new function is just one more way we always strive to keep POSM The Most Robust, User-Friendly Software to Come Down the Pipe.