Announcing POSM Lite / Video Encoder Contractor Deal

20% OFF

POSM Software has packaged our popular POSM Lite software with a USB Video Encoder (AKA the “Sensoray”), an ideal software/hardware pairing for plumbers and other small businesses that provide pipeline inspections.


POSM Lite is a streamlined version of our software, specially streamlined for contractors with all the functionality needed for thorough inspections that don’t utilize NASSCO templates. Lite is a cost-effective option that gets you up and running with minimal setup and keeps things simple while offering a fast and thorough survey.

POSM Lite Graphic

POSM Lite Features:

  • Supports CD, DVD, DVD Dual-Layer, and Blu-ray, or export to network or USB drives.
  • POSM hardware USB MPEG 4 whole run recording with pause.
  • POSM Lite supports these overlays: Cues K2, XBOB3, XBOB4, Rausch DeKom, CVTG (SD & HD), IPEK, IBAK, Spering, Aries VL5000, Vivax
  • Captures images and live video.
  • Easy to read HTML reports compatible with all browsers and operating systems.
  • Data, video, and images import into POSM Pro and POSM Server.
  • Easy upgrade to POSM Pro without the need to purchase additional hardware.
  • Localized data integration (multilingual).

The USB video encoder (Sensoray) is a necessary piece of hardware to digitize video inspections. Our encoder is 100% compatible out of the box with a simplified three-piece hookup.

POSM Sensoray USB Video Encoder

Our POSM encoder is a better investment over most consumer models, but it ends up paying for itself several times over. Why? You can buy an “off-the-shelf” encoder and it will work for awhile, but our industrial strength hardware is built to withstand the extreme temps of heat and cold, not to mention protecting the electronics from everyday slime and goop. Our video encoders have been tested in the field. They’ll last a long time, making this deal even better.

POSM at workPOSM Lite In ActionPOSM Lite At Work

POSM Lite with the first 12 months of tech support and a USB Video Encoder purchased from us individually costs $3600.00 full price. Effective immediately, we’ve packaged the software and hardware together for $3000.00 and if you mention this blog post, we’ll drop your price further to $2880.00, that’s 20% Off the original purchase price (for a limited time so act now)!

Simply contact our tech support and tell our specialist that you are interested in our POSM Lite and Video Encoder Package Deal. They’ll talk you through the software download and set you up to mail the Sensoray to you. Don’t forget to mention the blog so you get the best price. If you’re a contractor looking for a simplified software for effective, fast, and thorough pipeline inspections, take advantage of this offer.

If you are intrigued to learn more about POSM but still hesitating? Contact our tech support, ask about our FREE No Obligation 60-day Trial offer, and give POSM Software a try. If you return after 60 days and decide to purchase POSM Lite and USB Video Encoder, we’ll honor the sale price.

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