POSM Crossbore Tools Emphasize Safety, Accuracy, and Accountability

Gas Crossbore in Sewer Pipe

Crossbores are the point at which an existing underground utility or underground structure intersects with a second utility, resulting in direct contact between the pipes in such a way that compromises the integrity of either.

When one of those compromised utility pipes is a gas line, the result is potentially dangerous, and requires handling by the local specialists (usually the local gas utility) to ensure that nothing serious happens. Organizations such as the Cross Bore Safety Association have created best practices for preventing crossbores, and for mapping and repairing crossbores in as safe a manner as possible.

Their target professionals include but are not limited to:

  • Locating Services
  • Manufacturers
  • Utility Owners
  • Contractors
  • Consultants

Gas Crossbore Inspection Crew

Among their goals of creating best practices and safe interactions is technology peer review. POSM Software has been working diligently to offer a solution that helps utilities prevent crossbores in most cases.

However, when they occur, our tools will:

  • Assist in the most thorough and accurate mapping possible
  • Make it easy to document all observations and actions taken
  • Provide accountability of your actions in a convenient, portable way.

So if you’re a utility tasked with addressing crossbores and your company already uses POSM Pro and Portable, how much more will our crossbore functions cost you?

It costs you NOTHING. Crossbore tools are already included with our base programs.

POSM Software founder Bob Katter has made the safe handling of crossbores a priority since 2009, and added many advances and functions through the years. POSM offers three unique features designed to make crossbore management as safe, accurate, and reliable as possible. These tools, combined with best practices, should help minimize potential issues in handling crossbores.

POSM Software Crossbore tools Management features include:

  • Bore card data manager
  • Unique location marker for GPS maps
  • Multiple file attachments to the same location

Let’s look at these one at a time.

The Bore Card Data Manager

POSM Bore Card Manager Logo

The newest feature of our Crossbore tools management: The bore card is a handy old-school solution used by inspectors in which they essentially recorded important crossbore observations on a paper index card. Usually, the card is scanned and rarely referenced again. POSM’s Bore Card Data Manager not only stores the digital scan of the card, but also breaks the information down into data fields. Simply open the manager and fill out the fields. It’s well worth having this information available to you as your inspections and repairs continue. Safe, convenient, and infinitely shareable.

POSM MapReader Map

Mark Unique Locations on GPS Maps

A particularly useful function that differentiates POSM from its competitors is the ability to mark Crossbore locations during a pipeline inspection, making it easier than ever to review, revisit, and plan a proper follow-up. Our location feature is compatible with NASSCO standards.

Attach files to the same location

The ability to attach limitless files to a single location is another feature unique to POSM. Session runs, photos, observations, notes… everything tagged as important stays attached for reference and review. And all files are saveable to a network or flash drive.

Clearing out a single crossbore can take multiple inspections, so POSM makes sure the entire inspection history and all relevant data is available to you all in one place. (These inspections will also tie back to the bore card.) And if someone else takes over the repair, you can share the history of the site with them.

POSM Software has created an accurate and robust solution to help companies address crossbores in a way that reduces risk, maximizes accuracy, and verifies your actions. Our method has a proven track record of success going back years. POSM;s goal is to ensure that all companies in our industry can address crossbores in the safest, most efficient manner possible so that repairs are implemented thoroughly and without incident. We’ve created the tools to make that happen.

Gas Crossbore Illustration
Illustration of a cross bore.