POSM Spotlight: AIMS Companies Utilizes Talent to Best Advantage

AIMS Companies Part 1 of 2

AIMS LogoAIMS Companies perform an array of pipeline- and wastewater-related services for municipal and corporate clients, from CCTV pipe inspection to maintenance and repair, and more. Founded in 2005, AIMS operates across the entire US from its corporate office and 14 satellite offices, located mainly in the south and southwest region, plus Washington. AIMS most recently expanded into the southeast, with new offices in Georgia and Alabama. The key to their versatility, in the opinion of one AIMS technician, is the spectrum of talent among their employees. Team leaders tap their talent pool every day and take advantage of modern communications so experts can consult on projects all across the country.

Joshua Kerby, an AIMS engineer for over 10 years, served as the regional project manager operating out of San Leandro, California until April 2019. He’s stepped in to a new position to oversee the company’s newest branch in Georgia. He explained, ”Our division managers each bring their own unique areas of expertise. We reach out to each other whenever we need to.” Dave Alonzo agreed. “When I need assistance on municipal work, I consult Todd Smith in our Arizona office because he’s performed a lot of new construction. If I have a question about industrial cleanings, I call Steven Walker in Scottsdale, AZ, and get him involved. We utilize our expertise to function as a team ”

...experts...consult on projects all across the country.

Customer Photo David Alonzo
David and Nicole Alonzo are husband and wife at the AIMS Oregon office. David (pictured left) is the Northwest Regional Manager, overseeing projects across several branches. He started with AIMS in 2012. David supervises crews and cost, he sorts jobs and duty assignments, and manages many aspects of the day-to-day progress. “I might juggle between 9-10 teams out in the field, while tracking 14 trucks and a Hydroblaster, five camera trucks, four back trucks, and a few support vehicles.”

While their talents vary, Joshua, David and Nicole all agree that when it comes to inspection software, they prefer POSM Software over the others. They all use POSM for a wide array of tasks every day, and, when contractually obligated to do so, they also operate the competitions’ software regularly. Joshua perhaps best summarizes their feelings: “Whenever I’m forced to use other software for an extended time, it reinforces how much easier it is to operate POSM.”

“Whenever I’m forced to use other software..., it reinforces how much easier it is to operate POSM.”

Office Manager since 2013, Nicole Alonzo handles an array of tasks every day. She reviews inspection video sent in from the trucks in the field from multiple projects and branches. She reviews and edits video, annotates key points, pulls photos, and incorporates the video into parts of reports for client presentation. “I review all the mapping for our area, I enter all the POSM data (partial inspections) into the SQL Server, and I pull it into the GIS. POSM is very responsive and helps me concentrate on the job at hand.” She added, “Whenever I use another software to do the same thing, it proves to be a huge hassle.”

"POSM is very responsive and helps me concentrate on the job at hand.”

Nicole explained, “POSM helps us create quality video to pinpoint the problem. We don’t want any question in our clients’ minds about a repair, and we want to make sure we have good video to prove it.”

David emphasized the importance of quality video. “The decision-makers who watch our inspections may have never been in the field, so the video has to tell the story. If we do our part right, there is no question from our clients about our recommendations.”

David recalled, “I used POSM first, then had to use another program per stipulations in our contract. I’ve used multiple software, they all have their pros and cons.” David admits, “Some programs do things that POSM won’t, but all in all, when it comes down to it, I get the best tech support from POSM, and it’s easily the most user-friendly platform.” He highlighted the ease of training new workers to use POSM, calling the interface “Dummy-proof.” “You hit the big green button to start inspection, then fill in the pink variables. Boom, you’re good to go.”

"I get the best tech support from POSM, and it’s easily the most user-friendly platform.”

Customer Photo Joshua KerbyJoshua (pictured right) agreed, “POSM is highly teachable, even to a new employee who’s unfamiliar with sewer programs. It’s the easiest to master.”

All three had praise for POSM’s technical support. Josh said, “No matter where I am, I can always reach tech support when I need it, and they’re always responsive.” David agreed. “when I have a problem, I can always get online [using the POSM Support Mobile App from the website] with someone and get help Monday through Friday, and sometimes on the weekend if there’s something we’re still figuring out. I’ve got POSM on the speed dial.” Nicole echoed those sentiments. “POSM’s customer service is phenomenal. The POSM team is outstanding.”

Joshua also praised POSM’s reports customization. “POSM reports are customizable to whatever the client demands, all while maintaining the latest NASSCO, MACP, PACP and LACP standards.”

Joshua, David, and Nicole have used various inspection software in the field every day, and they all prefer POSM. But don’t just take their word for it, try it yourself. POSM offers a FREE no obligation FULLY OPERATIONAL 60-day trial download. Just click here to connect to POSM Tech Support and find out for yourself why the engineers of AIMS Companies prefer POSM Software!

You can learn much more about AIMS Companies and their services by clicking here to go to their website.

COMING SOON: AIMS Companies Part 2, Detailing how AIMS uses POSM Software's Crossbore Tool.