FREE POSM Training Session in Orlando
Friday, Aug 26.


POSM Orlando Training Event


POSM Orlando Training Parking Lot       POSM Orlando Training Location


POSM Software and Rausch USA will host a no-cost training seminar at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Entrance to Universal Orlando.


The training will focus on Laser Measuring, ScanCam, and Map Reader, as well any questions on POSM usage and new features. We will serve lunch after the morning training session. We welcome customers to bring your inspection vehicles if you have any questions on usage or need any technical assistance with your system, including routine updates. A demonstration of our new Owl Vision Systems Manhole Camera and Rausch HD Mainline and Lateral camera system will be available in the afternoon.


RSVP online, call 859-274-0041, or email us.

Rausch USA and POSM Software Enter into Partnership Agreement for Owl Vision Manhole Camera.





Rausch USA has entered into a Partnership agreement with POSM Software to offer and eventually manufacture the newly released Owl Vision Manhole Camera System

POSM Software intends to sell their software (various versions) with the Owl Vision product. POSM Software will complete the initial manufacturing run, and then transition the manufacturing of the physical product to Rausch USA. 

The Owl Vision 360° HD Manhole Camera is the result of a multi-year R&D effort that both companies believe will change our industry for the better. The camera bridges the gap between quick and economic “GoPro” style cameras and pricier products on the other end of the spectrum that include specialized functions. 


Produces an unwrapped stitched video.

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Useful Apps: POSM Report Editor

POSM Software has built in an extremely useful tool called the POSM Report Editor that lets users customize their reports. While we love to report about new features and program changes, this particular function has been a part of the core program for years. Still, it’s possible that many of our customers still don't know about this quick and easy report customization tool, so let’s remedy that.

POSM Report Editor.

Report View

POSM Report.

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Introducing a New Feature: Water Level Graph

We just can’t stop improving on POSM. Effective with your next update, your inspection software will include a new feature: a water level graph overlay, essentially a pipeline water level graphic that helps the operator (as the name implies) accurately measure the water level flowing within the pipeline. The feature is best toggled on at the start of a PACP or LACP inspection. The overlay is a lined measuring graphic marking off the water level in 5% increments. This information is useful to track changing water levels over time and repeated inspections.

The Water Level Graphic Overlay During an Inspection

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Introducing New Software: POSM Manhole

POSM Software is launching a new software product called POSM Manhole, a product to bundle with our new Owl Vision 360 Manhole Camera and our ruggedized control case.

The Manhole Camera was specifically created to provide the just-right solution that falls between GoPro style too-basic economy options and high-priced cameras that include far more functions than you may ever use. The Manhole camera is the only high end system that:

  • Lowers the device in a far smooth and steadier descent (versus “GoPro style” products).
  • The smooth descent results in an unwrapped stitched image video that captures the best flat view second-to-none.
  • Has the option to record inspections in HD, up to 4K video.

Let’s explore deeper.

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