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SQL Plus Global Information System Functions

You need the reliable, secure virtual storage of SQL, plus GIS functions for the greatest enhancements to  tracking and accuracy.

POSM GIS is our most robust Virtual Video Storage Database option, enhanced with Global Information System functionality that many, but not all, companies need!

Important: If you don't need GIS, POSM's got you covered. Click here to check out POSM SQL.


POSM GIS Includes these POSM SQL Features:

  • Saves unlimited sessions. You’re only limited by your company’s storage space.
  • Handles unlimited simultaneous users.
  • Local Server or Cloud Storage option.
  • SQL Database offers optimal speed, no matter how large your database grows.

Plus GIS functionality:

  • Enhanced synchronized mapping.
  • Synchronized crawler interaction
  • Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

For all these functions minus GIS, check out POSM SQL.

POSM SQL and POSM GIS are capable of cloud storage.