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Inspection Software

Compatible With: AriesCuesEnvirositeIBAKID-TecMinCamRauschSchroderSubsite (formerly RST)Vivax

The All-inclusive Inspection Choice for 90% of POSM Customers

Fully loaded: all features and modules Compatible with v7 NASSCO Templates  Most reliable for truck crawlers  Real-time interactive plotting  CCTV compatible With POSM Map Reader, Pro reads GIS data to start inspections and fills in header with GIS data.

Overlays supported: Software, XBOB-3, XBOB-4, Rausch DeKom, IPEK, IBAK, Sperring, Aries VL5000, Vivax.
Inclination Support Capture supported: RST, Rausch, Aries, Envirosight

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Cost-Effective, Streamlined; Terrific for Customers that Don’t Use NASSCO

Minimal setup  Capture images and live video  Hardware USB MPEG 4  Record whole run with pause  Save to CD, DVD, DVD Dual-Layer, Blu-Ray  Import to POSM Pro and POSM Server; export to network or USB drive  HTML reports compatible with all browsers and operating systems

Overlays supported: Software, XBOB-3, XBOB-4, Rausch DeKom, IPEK, IBAK, Sperring, Aries VL5000, Vivax.

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User-Friendly Basics for Push Cameras in a Powerful, Portable Package

Streamlined for contractors inspecting lateral service lines, wells, and manholes  Records observations on clips and pictures  Great for Windows Notebooks or tablets rigged to a push camera  Includes Map Reader * Includes all POSM templates, including NASSCO

Supports Software and Vivax overlays.

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Robust GIS Map and Data Interaction for Field Crews

Included with POSM Pro  Uses ESRI to display map data * Auto-populates known GIS data  Create and share custom print and digital maps  Search function built into the map  Zoom and center on assets

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Office Software

POSM Power for One User. Session Editing, Import / Export, and Printing.

One user  One database  Searchable digital archive on a local hard drive  MS Access Database  Limited to 2500 sessions  Not for truck use  INCLUDED with POSM Pro  Easy, fast upgrade.

Supports Software overlays.

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Our Mid-level Storage Solution!

Supports unlimited simultaneous user connections with a site license  Saves unlimited sessions  MS Access Database
Note: At +5,000 sessions, we recommend upgrading to POSM Server for best performance.

Supports Software overlays.

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Premier Storage With All the Options

Unlimited licensed users  Unlimited sessions  SQL Database for optimal speed and performance, even with large libraries  Local network  Connect POSM database to GIS for a two-way synchronization.

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Pipeline Services Company "Champion"s POSM Software

Champion (CCSI) is a nationwide pipeline company that specializes in inspection, repair, and cleaning services. Champion is comprised of four divisions - Industrial Cleaning, HVAC Duct Cleaning, Sewer Cleaning and Crossbore inspections. Its corporate office is in Cincinnati, OH with a satellite office in California.

According to Lincoln Stephenson, VP of Operations and Business Development, Champion has experienced steady growth since its inception in 1982, with a surge in the early 2000s when they added Crossbore inspections to their offerings. Today, crossbore inspections represent the majority of Champion’s business.

Lincoln says POSM had a lot to do with that.

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POSM's Got Em: XBOB-4 Video Overlay

POSM’s Got ‘Em are short articles that take a closer look at our array of products and features. Maybe you’ll find new solutions to old problems you didn’t know we addressed. In this article, we take a closer look at XBOB-4 Video Overlay Generators.

The XBOB-4 (fourth generation manufactured by Decade Engineering) performs a single, vitally important function for pipe inspectors. It lets you overlay text on your video screen, and does so with a great deal of versatility.

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POSM's Got Em: USB Video Encoders

POSM’s Got ‘Em are short articles that take a closer look at our array of products and features. Maybe you’ll find new solutions to old problems you didn’t know we addressed. In this article, we take a closer look at POSM’s USB Video Encoder (AKA the Sensoray).

So we’re a software company, and we don’t talk much about our hardware, but since it’s a necessary part of our industry, we sell hardware to our customers that need it.  In fact, we have an entire section devoted to hardware on our website. We pick and choose product to best meet the needs of our customers, with a high standard on toughness, reliability, performance, and reputation in the industry.

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PipeCheck Founder Credits POSM's "Beyond Out-of-the Box" Service

Brian Gipson started PipeCheck, LLC in Bowling Green, KY, in 2009 with Rausch inspection equipment and POSM Software. He’s never thought twice about that decision. He chose Rausch for the superior performance and laser profiling capabilities vital to his work, and POSM because “Bob [Katter, founder of POSM] had done the important research with Rausch, and he was the only one who offered a fully integrated package that worked seamlessly with it.”

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Tele-VAC Technicians Use POSM Templates

Tele-Vac Environmental is a leading pipeline maintenance company operating in the Midwest; its engineers specialize in television inspection, hydro-jet cleaning, hydro-excavating, CIP Pipe Patch for repairing sewer pipes, sewer testing and grouting. It services some of the largest and oldest pipeline systems in America. Tele-Vac was founded in 1991 in Mason, OH (20 miles north of Cincinnati).

Under the leadership of President Larry McCauley and Vice President Joe McCauley, Tele-Vac recently opened  three satellite offices in Columbus, OH, Birmingham, AL, and Pompano Beach, FL. Tele-Vac works closely with NASSCO to help develop technical standards for the industry, including guidelines for identifying and repairing crossbores.


POSM works closely with Tele-Vac to “help us create a unique template for each company."

Co-project managers Mary Barron and Peter Kellum (pictured above) work closely together to oversee projects from the Mason (Home) Office. Together they have nearly 60 years experience in the industry and 23 years with the company. Their teams of engineers operate IBAK, Rausch and RS Technical/Subsite inspection equipment, which all run POSM Software for their inspections. Tele-Vac maintains over 20 active POSM operating licenses.

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Florida Maintenance: POSM Top Software on the Market

The City of Tallahassee’s Pipeline Maintenance and repair crews use Envirosight inspection equipment with POSM Software. “In our experience, this pairing of outstanding equipment and software is the best solution to our needs and ensures we maintain the system most effectively. It’s that simple,” said Anthony Moore, the city’s Maintenance Construction Chief.
“They work very well together, and we have no compatibility issues.”

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Frankfort, KY Sewer Dep't L to R: Matt Tate, Melanie Hockensmith, Tim Puckett, Scotty Manns, and Jonathan Parker

POSM Spotlight: Jonathan Parker of Frankfort, KY Sewer Department

Jonathan Parker

GIS Analyst
City of Frankfort, KY Sewer Department

Jonathan Parker joined the City of Frankfort water and sewer department in 2008. Frankfort, Kentucky’s state capital, lays over 15 square miles, and is bisected by the Kentucky River. A population of over 25,000 people call it home. Frankfort Sewer Department’s camera truck fleet consists of two trucks, with Jonathan serving as the department’s primary IT support. The department relies heavily on outside contractors to help diagnose and repair its wastewater infrastructure.

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POSM Spotlight: Jason Holmes of Eco-Infrastructure Solutions

When Jason Holmes of Eco Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) of Whitestown, Indiana, first used POSM Software eight years ago, their tech support was the first thing that impressed him, and he still considers their customer service their key competitive advantage.
“Other companies would leave me waiting as long as
three weeks before I could get help. Typically, I’d submit an issue to a sales person, and I had to wait for them to check in with me maybe several days later! POSM Software has dedicated phone and online tech support (staffed Mon-Fri 9 a.m.-6 p.m. EST).

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