POSM 10X Compatible with NASSCO Version 7 Templates

Great news! POSM, the simplest, most robust inspection technology to come down the pipe, has launched POSM 10X, its latest software upgrade. POSM 10X is now live and ready for you to update.

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 POSM Software has launched into 2018 with a lot of exciting changes and news! 

 Get WWETT with POSM Feb 21-24! 

POSM Staff at WWETT Show

POSM Software returns to the annual WWETT Show at the Indianapolis Convention Center Feb 21-24, booth number 6614. So whether you want to learn more about POSM 10X, our array of new releases or just introduce yourself, come on by!

Sync Restore (TBC) Box Enhances Video and Overlay Text Quality

In an ideal world, all pipe crawlers would have hi-def digital cameras that offer a crystal clear picture and a sharp, easy-to-read text overlay in the live feed of each inspection. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and even more unfortunately, many users don’t even know that the cameras on most crawlers are...let’s say “insufficient”... when it comes to providing a clear, optimal output image. Worst, most owners simply put up with the distortion, thinking the blurry, grainy low-res image is the best that their equipment offers.
POSM Sync Restore Box sharpens and clarifies video images dramatically
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