POSM's Got Em: Hansen /  Neztek Editor

POSM’s Got ‘Em are short articles that take a closer look at our array of products and features. Maybe you’ll find new solutions to old problems you didn’t know we addressed. In this article, we take a closer look at POSM’s Hanson / Neztek Manager built into the software you’re already using.

How to Import a Hansen / Neztek Session

The Neztek Data Exchange Utility (Created by Neztek Systems Limited) is a long-established piece of “middlewear” still used by many city planning engineering companies. It helps city organizations track nearly all aspects of city management (such as for assigning work orders and billing contractors). The program plays a key role in managing (among many other things) fire stations, libraries, and of course, water and sewer infrastructure. Among its many functions, the program catalogs and analyzes Closed Circuit TV inspections such as those taken by crawlers to investigate damaged water and sewer lines.

POSM Software Hansen Neztek Manager ApplicationPOSM Pro Inspection Software already includes a simple but robust Hansen / Neztek Inspection Manager. POSM has supported Neztek software since 2004.

That means if you already have POSM installed and you also use Neztek, you do not need to contact our support staff to have the manager added--it’s already there. Users can access the manager by clicking  the Hansen / Neztek Manager button in the Sessions tab of the introduction form (top-right button).

Hopefully, you already knew that, but if you didn’t...well, that’s why we write these things.

What are some of the advantages of using POSM to import and export your Neztek inspection video data? Glad you asked. The POSM Hansen / Neztek Manager lets you:

  • Import all work orders and inspection data, including headers and observation data.
  • Add observations to the original video as you review it.
  • View inspections as Inspection Numbers, Upstream Manhole Numbers, Downstream Manhole Numbers, or Upstream Manhole Addresses.
  • Operate essentially the same as a POSM session
  • Captures images, clips, and all video file types POSM supports*
  • Save and export the investigation onto a DVD or Flash Drive for easy sharing with the city Hansen database.

*Video replay is only supported through the POSM Hansen / Neztek Manager; Neztek does not support video, only still images.
And when the information has been properly imported into POSM, it will recognize the start and end manhole covers and automatically populate the GIS map with the updated information.

...if you already have POSM installed and you also use Neztek, you do not need to contact our support staff to have the manager added--it’s already there.

So if your company uses Neztek for video inspections and you’ve never used our Hansen / Neztek Manager, give it a try. It’s a well-vetted tool that should make reviewing and sharing your Neztek-sourced inspections easier than ever on your next city management project. If you’re new to the feature and need a little help, our tech support is available to help you.