POSM Merge Sessions Function a Best-Kept Secret (Weapon)

The Merge Sessions feature is a tool unique to POSM Software.
The tool has been part of the software for a few years, but we suspect many customers don't know about it, or may not understand its real value. That’s why we write these blogs.

As the name implies, the merge sessions tool lets a pipeline inspector take two sessions performed on a single pipe segment and treat them as a single inspection so the software can present the report information with a single score. This is most beneficial when viewing pipes and reports from GIS. It is more practical to view one pipe segment as a single report than to break the line and reports into two sections.

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POSM Update Enhances Data Entry Screens With Manhole Images

Manhole inspections are a vital part of pipeline maintenance, so POSM Software recently enhanced its NASSCO MACP*-compatible interface with graphic manhole images that better identify the specific parts of manholes. The manhole graphics remove all ambiguity and let the inspector know exactly which part of the manhole is being called out, so we created 16 diagram manhole images to better assist the inspector in measuring the correct parts of the manhole.
*NASSCO: National Association of Sewer Service Companies
MACP: Manhole Assessment Certification Program

New graphic elements better identify manhole parts.

This graphic interface tweak will help:

  • Streamline and clarify which elements of the manhole are measured.
  • Link the observation fields directly with its visual, removing all ambiguity.
  • Make the process less confusing for the occasional manhole inspector.

While the interface has changed, the manhole data entry screens remain 100% NASSCO MACP-Certified.

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POSM Software Update: Remote Support Launch Button

When it comes to software apps, sometimes the little tweaks can make your job a whole lot easier. With that in mind, we at POSM Software made a little tweak to our interface that we know will make our user-friendly interface even friendlier. We simply added one little clickable support button to the main menu interface. It’s that new button in the image below, right above the blue Session Management button, the one labeled Remote Support.

POSM with New Remote Support Buttonj
The new Remote Support button is just above the blue Session Management button

That’s right, the next time you need assistance from someone on our expert Tech Support team, you can insert yourself directly into the remote support queue simply by clicking on the Remote Support button from the main POSM Software menu. You no longer need to search for the Support app icon on your desktop, nor do you need to go to our website to launch a new session. (You still can, but you don’t need to.)

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POSM Software Fully Compatible with Windows 11

Hey, remember a few years ago, when Microsoft announced that Windows 10 would be the last-ever operating system for PCs and laptops?

Well… they’ve changed their mind.

By now, you are probably seeing notices from Microsoft about the Windows 11 operating system. You probably have all sorts of questions about this, such as:

Should you upgrade your PC?

Or probably just as important…

CAN you upgrade your PC?

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Why Action Pipeline Uses POSM Lite With Deep Trekker

Photo Courtesy Deep Trekker

Action Pipeline is a maintenance and new construction water line contractor that services Southern Arizona towns and municipalities, including Tucson, Tempe, and surrounding areas. Andres Amado, company Vice President of Operations for seven years, says Action Pipeline specializes in emergency repairs, large main installations, and “everything else other companies can’t do.”

Andres explained, “We work closely with Tucson Water to find innovative ways to track assets and make sure the pipes are in the best shape.” Since Arizona is a desert, early and efficient leak detection is a vital factor to its pipeline maintenance. “That’s how we got into the leak detection business.”

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POSM Works With ESRI for Easy Asset Management Map Population

In this space, we frequently speak of the lesser known but most powerful features of our software, including recent add-ons and upgrades. POSM Software’s ability to automate your asset inventory in a map is a lesser known, time-saving benefit of our software, and it’s not new. We built this functionality into the software nearly 15 years ago, so it’s past time we bragged about it so more customers are aware how our apps can save them time and effort.


ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute) ArcMAP and ArcGIS are industry-leading Geographic Information System software and it is an useful application to use in asset-mapping tools for pipeline inspection. ArcMAP and/or ArcGIS online are the  preferred ESRI mapping licenses of city, government employees, and private contractors that work within municipalities (especially large cities). These  platforms are state of the art visualization tools to manage your asset in a more visually friendly way. POSM modifies and customizes the information so the end user can see the information on the map.

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POSM's Got Em: Hansen /  Neztek Editor

POSM’s Got ‘Em are short articles that take a closer look at our array of products and features. Maybe you’ll find new solutions to old problems you didn’t know we addressed. In this article, we take a closer look at POSM’s Hanson / Neztek Manager built into the software you’re already using.

How to Import a Hansen / Neztek Session

The Neztek Data Exchange Utility (Created by Neztek Systems Limited) is a long-established piece of “middlewear” still used by many city planning engineering companies. It helps city organizations track nearly all aspects of city management (such as for assigning work orders and billing contractors). The program plays a key role in managing (among many other things) fire stations, libraries, and of course, water and sewer infrastructure. Among its many functions, the program catalogs and analyzes Closed Circuit TV inspections such as those taken by crawlers to investigate damaged water and sewer lines.

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POSM Software 100% Compatible with Cues K2 Overlay

Since 2019, POSM 10X has been 100% compatible with the latest Cues K2 Overlay (and many of the older overlays) and is directly compatible with Cues system equipment.

Before then, users of POSM Software’s inspection software bypassed the K2 and used an XBOB-4 for text overlay and distance counting. This setup required purchasing a buffer kit cable and an additional overlay.

Cues K2 Overlay

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Sync Restore (TBC) Box Enhances Video and Overlay Text Quality

In an ideal world, all pipe crawlers would have hi-def digital cameras that offer a crystal clear picture and a sharp, easy-to-read text overlay in the live feed of each inspection. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world, and even more unfortunately, many users don’t even know that the cameras on most crawlers are...let’s say “insufficient”... when it comes to providing a clear, optimal output image. Worst, most owners simply put up with the distortion, thinking the blurry, grainy low-res image is the best that their equipment offers.

POSM Sync Restore Box sharpens and clarifies video images dramatically

Fortunately, there’s a simple fix that will improve your crawler’s live feed dramatically, and POSM Software offers it to all its interested customers.

The solution comes in the form of an old piece of hardware, originally created in the days of early video tape, designed to sharpen and clarify the image and make it usable with modern production studio equipment. The hardware is called a time base corrector (TBC) and the process of clarifying the video signal is called a sync restore. Put simply, the device corrects the low-res analog image coming from the camera and syncs the pulse to the digital monitor, boosting the signal and clarifying the image for dramatic results that must be seen to be believed.

Before After TBC
Before and after installing a TBC.
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