That’s right, if your software starts acting up at 7:15 at night, you can contact POSM tech support from your location on site as usual and reach one of our knowledgeable, full service support techs. You can even set up a remote support login so we can explore your laptop directly.

Click here to read our in-depth article about our talented tech support.

After a few weeks. If this experiment proves productive, we hope to make these expanded hours permanent.

...we hope to make these expanded hours permanent.

POSM Software has been working a long time to bring expanded tech support hours to our customers. As our reach grows internationally, the preparation has now made this a practical option for us.

Our tech support can be reached by phone at 859-274-0041or by clicking the Support tab on our website which will bring you here. From this page you can also set up a mobile remote session.

Unlike many companies, POSM tech support is made up of fully trained people. You'll never talk to a robot. If you have to leave a message, a person will get right back to you. We feel that's important and that you feel thee same way. Here's an article about why.

Our hope is that this change puts an end to those investigations that hit a snag at an inconvenient hour. So quite simply:

Our Tech Support has temporarily expanded five hours of daily full-service coverage:

 Mon-Fri 7 a.m.-8.p.m. Eastern Time

We hope to make this change permanent. This expanded coverage will not affect annual support rates.

This is just one more way POSM Software strives to remain the Most Robust, User-Friendly Software to Come Down the Pipe with Same Day Superior Solutions.

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