February 2018

 POSM Software has launched into 2018 with a lot of exciting changes and news!

 Get WWETT with POSM Feb 21-24! 

POSM Software returns to the annual WWETT Show at the Indianapolis Convention Center Feb 21-24, booth number 6614. So whether you want to learn more about POSM 10X, our array of new releases or just introduce yourself, come on by!

 POSM 10X Compatible with NASSCO Version 7 Templates  

Great news! POSM, the simplest, most robust inspection technology to come down the pipe, has launched its latest software upgrade. POSM 10X is now live and ready for you to update.

Whether you run Professional, Portable, Office, Storage, or Server, your software will now be 100% compatible with all NASSCO templates, including Version 7 for PACP, LACP, and MACP. (Nassco 7 templates are not available for Lite. To upgrade from your Lite service, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..)

Along with enhanced template compatibility, we've optimized this new version from top to bottom to make 10X the most stable, responsive, and user-friendly POSM experience yet. And as always, POSM interface will continue to run on the same computers you're already using. Simply schedule an update and we'll take care of the rest.

To ensure a seamless process, we'll install the update for ALL our business partners with an active service contract on request. Unlike some of our competitors, we've never forced our customers to pay extra for an upgrade, nor will we demand a new license for the NASSCO template update, and we aren't about to start now. Accordingly, all customers that maintain their support will receive our latest technology. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to schedule your upgrade.

 Get your FREE POSM T-Shirts! 

We got 'em, you want 'em. NEW comfy T-shirts with the awesome POSM logo! Upgrade to 10X or open a new 10X subscription, and we'll send you a shirt at no extra charge! Just tell us your size and color choice when you upgrade. Tri-blend fabric, hand-printed shirts in three colors as shown: ANSI Safety Green, Hunter Orange and Light Speckle Gray. Adult sizes M-XXXL.

While supplies last. We reserve the right to substitute. If you want to guarantee you get yours, act now!

 NEW-POSM Crossbore Card Manager 

Our Latest Crossbore Innovation Comes Included with Your Pro, Portable, Office, Storage or Server Upgrade.
The best, most accurate crossbore software management in the industry just got even better! Store your crossbore card data in a single searchable location. Attach multiple session runs, photos, notes, and any other relevant information. Explore the records of the location, so damage is simpler to diagnose and repairs are easier to implement. Other NEW Products and Software

 NEW-POSM Cloud 

 Virtually Everything You Need 

All your information stored safe and secure, state-of-the-art style on the cloud. No servers to maintain, no storage limitations, POSM Cloud is "virtually" everything you need with minimal hardware hassles and no firewalls needed! After a streamlined, easy setup and some onsite training, you're ready to go.

 New-POSM Server-in-a-Box 

A custom-built complete POSM Server delivered to your doorstep so you can keep your security in-house. POSM now makes complete Windows-based servers made to order. Our hardware arrives ready to go, you just hook up your components, contact us to unlock, and you're off and running! (If you're new to the software, we'll get you trained up.) Now POSM makes it easier than ever for you to maintain total control of your security, firewalls, and backups, because there's no one you trust more than yourself.

 What Does This Mean? 

If you want to maintain your data locally, on the cloud, or a combination of both, POSM Software enables you to set up your system exactly how you want it! Click here to schedule a consultation.

 Renew and Upgrade with Paypal 

We offer Paypal as an option to pay for your service contract, simplify your subscription update, or pay for a hardware order. It's easy to use, and you don't even need a Paypal account-simply pick the "guest" option. Click here to access our Payment screen.

 New Employee Spotlight  

John Priest
Technical Support Engineer
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

John joined POSM from Robert Half Technologies in August 2017, having worked as a temporary associate on the POSM Team since April 2017.

Read More about John on our new Staff page.

 Tech Support Enhancement 

POSM now utilizes enhanced technical support protocols to better serve you. The next time you contact POSM technical support for computer assistance, the support technician has the option to forward your issue to our entire team, so we can bring the full power of our POSM diagnostic expertise and customer support to evaluate your issue fast. For the vast majority of glitches, we leverage "same-day superior solutions" and will get you running again with minimum downtime.

 18 Months Later  

The POSM team settled into our "new" support offices a year and a half ago! As this newsletter proves, we've experienced incredible growth. It's been our pleasure to serve you from our Accounts Receivable and Support Branch at:

POSM Software LLC
4925 Sharon Hill Drive
Columbus, OH 43235

We still receive forwarded mail from our previous location, so if you do regular business with us via snail mail (we still use it, too), please make certain that you have the current, correct information for POSM Software in your records.

You can download our W-9 with our new address pre-filled from our website.